Welcome to the Programme Management System (PMS)

The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) through the Universities Act, Cap 346 of the Laws of Tanzania is mandated to ensure that academic programmes offered by Universities in Tanzania meet the required national and international standards. Any curriculum developed or revised by a university must be validated and accredited or reaccredited by TCU before it starts or continues to be offered.

The Programme Management System (PMS) is an online platform designed to facilitate Universities to submit their curricula to TCU for accreditation or reaccreditation. It also facilitates peer reviewers to review the developed or revised curricula.

The PMS also works as a database of accredited curricula to be accessed by various higher education stakeholders within and outside Tanzania, including prospective students, parents, employers and the like, so as to make an informed decision on programmes and universities they intend to join or graduates to employ.

For the purpose of curricula submission and review, Universities and Peer Reviewers are required to login into the system using username and password to be provided by TCU.

To ensure harmonisation of curricula and compliance with the set standards and guidelines, the following documents have to be used during curricula development and review:

(i) The Curriculum Development and Submission Framework, 2021

(ii) The Booklet for Institutional and Programme Clusters, 2021

(iii) The Standards and Guidelines for University Education in Tanzania, 2019

(iv) The University Qualifications Framework, 2012